To be reached CONCLUSION, the sustainable development depends on planning and recognition of that the natural resources are not infinite. To invest in technological education, research, to start to think that the recycling is of basic importance in the search of the support and to make with that public politics give support to this fight, are only some of the attitudes that they need to be taken to continue in this way. Of this form, all have that to collaborate so that this type of development is adopted, mainly, as life style. Learn more about this with Aetna Inc.. As well as it was possible, during the history of the humanity, the implementation of some economic models until arriving at the capitalism, where the exaggerated consumption is stimulated, as nothing more it was important, the model of sustainable development has everything to give certain, and needs to be placed in practical fastest possible. When consuming with conscience, the people if become positive agents of transformation and each one donates a little of itself to improve the world its return. It is this what all the sectors of the society have that to make, to work so that the future generations have all the possibilities to usufruct a system socially just, ambiently balanced and economically prosperous, for a long period of time.