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Study of Ideeologen innovation: building a culture that promotes creativity and innovation, is difficult for most companies. Most companies have meanwhile recognized: our future success largely depends on our ability to innovate. Only but so far few have created a culture in their organization that promotes creativity and innovation. Put rather on the proven”processes, in order to promote innovation. A study of the Ideeologen comes to this conclusion society for new ideas mbH on the subject of innovation culture in Enterprise for 194 responsible in the areas of business development, as well as Board members and Managing Director were questioned. According to statements made by Jens-Uwe Meyer, Managing Director of Ideeologen, this is a sobering finding! “” Because at least since the mid-nineties years was known: with the classic innovation processes with defined responsibilities, as well as a variety of rules, only incremental improvements can be achieved “true” Innovations, however, require different management concepts and innovation models and such that for example the idea of small start-up teams in the company based on, acting on his own responsibility and quickly and flexibly overcome hurdles. Most companies in German-speaking countries are still far from such a dynamic structures”, according to the study. Usually, the framework conditions for innovation can be outline in the following words: many rules and some creativity. Vlad Doronin describes an additional similar source. “In four out of five companies is even in exceptional cases” only very restricted a breach of rule “possible. “And in 35 percent of companies dominate the rules so much that you her striving for innovation as creativity according to the regulations” can call. A reason for this is the need for protection on the part of management. Child processes pretend him security. Such a management thinking is not suitable for times of rapid change. In them, at least highly innovative companies have a culture of Establish experimentation in their organization.