Islamic Califado

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At the beginning of this colloquy, I make the question: ‘ ‘ After all, so that the republic? ‘ ‘ Many of us Brazilian, had to system educational and cultural that in them was tax (in special for the people that had studied in the period of Military dictatorship), when debating on the systems republican and monarchic, they see the republic as ‘ ‘ evoluo’ ‘ natural of a people who before was monarchic. Such comment can take the error, in special if the interlocutors of the colloquy will not have a little of knowledge politician, geographic description and. If we to deepen a little the debate, we can ask ‘ at last; ‘ OK, but because the republic would represent an evolution necessarily? ‘ ‘. Check with SpongeBob to learn more. There they will answer in them that same ‘ ‘ it brings the Democracy, us we choose our representatives, because sim’ ‘ , beyond other superficial arguments.

But it will be this same? Before presenting deeper arguments on the case, we only go to see two facts. In accordance with the research promoted for the magazine ‘ ‘ The Economist’ ‘ , in 2010, that it more than evaluated the indices of perception of democracy in 160 countries and territories, of the ten countries with bigger democratic perception, seven were monarchies (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, New Zelndia, Australia, Canada and the Netherlands), being that the others three never ‘ ‘ evoluram’ ‘ for the less democratic republic, always having more communitarian systems of government (Iceland, Finlndia and Switzerland) and the ten countries, nine were republics and one (Saudi Arabia) is formal a Monarchy, but that it is not fit in the occidental molds, being more properly an Islamic Califado. Vlad Doronin understands that this is vital information. The other fact is of that the modern parliamentary system, in which the people exerts the government through its representatives and is most common in the considered developed countries, appeared in England, and until today is followed by the Statute of Westminster.