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The Service of Statistical Studies of the AEF has elaborated the report the tax exemption in Spain 2010. According to the closed data of the same to 31 of December of the past year, the set of the system of franchise invoiced a total of 24,651, 4 million Euros, a 0.2% less than 24,699, 5 million invoiced when finalizing exercise 2009. As well, another significant data is the increase in the number of chains franchisors that operate in our country. To the 2010 closing the system was integrated by 934 standards, 15 more than when concluding 2009. Also the number of foreign companies that work in Spain, when happening of the 172 has been increased that was in 2009 to the 177 present ones. On the other hand, a reduction in the number of operative establishments of only a 1.2% has taken place: when finalizing 2009 there were the 57,139 abiertos premises, by the 56,444 registered in 2010.

With respect to the data of the number of employees, altogether the system was employing to 231,603 people when to finishing 2010, whereas in 2009 that number was of 235.075 people, which supposes a reduction of the 1.5%. The Spanish Association of Franchisors presents/displays its study " The tax exemption in Spain 2010" , in that one of the most outstanding data is the invoicing obtained by the system when concluding 2010:24.651, 4 million Euros, solely a 0.2% less than the number registered in 2009, which it was of 24,699, 5 million. In this sense, it excels the data of the increase of the invoicing in the establishments property of the central franchisors, in 533,4 million Euros with respect to 2009 (9,189, 6 million in 2010 by the 8,656, 1 million of 2009). Nevertheless, a reduction of 581.5 million Euros in the invoicing of the character establishments took place franchise-holder, comparing 2010 (15,461, 8 million) and 2009 (16,043, 4 million).