The Market

In these cases the problem of the succession is the key of its continued success. In this culture if it glimpses clearly that the power of the resources with some elements of being able personal is the base of being able main. In it also if it can see that it is deposited much faith in the individual and little in the committees, the judgment is made by results and has tolerance in relation to the ways. 5.2.Cultura of Papers culture of papers is that one that very establishes a relation next with the system to bureaucratic organization, whose drawing is schematical and if it is similar to a Greek temple, in which the emphasis is given them pillars that support the structure (in this in case that the organization), that is, the apia organization of papers its force in its functions or specialties (pillars), that they are strong by themselves. Thus, for example, any department can have international reputation for its efficiency. The work of them pillars and interaction between the same ones is controlled for the procedures for papers, procedures for communication and rules for the solution of disputes. Frequently, in the organizations that have this type of culture, the paper or description of the work, they have more importance of what the individual plays that it.

An activity beyond the given one for the paper is not necessary, what 0ccasionally it can be also destructive. To the individual security is offered and previsibility, chance to acquire specialist skill without risk of danger, rewards for who makes the work according to definitive standard. The success in these organizations if of when they operate in a steady environment, when controls the environment, when the market it is steady, previsible or controlable or when the product has long life. However these organizations are fragile when exchanges in the environment exist, therefore the cultures of papers delay in perceiving the changes and are very slow to effect necessary modifications for its adaptation to the new situation.