The Argument

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In this singular the school and the family must be partners, the school will be able to help since that the family is not negligent in what fits to it in the education of the children, without with this using the argument of that ' ' education competes to the parents and education escola' ' , this until could be true and accepted in a society where all the families fulfilled this rule, however is not this that happens, finds many children who arrive at the school without the necessary minimum, therefore, the school will have to be each time more prepared to help the family. Being thus the joint: school, family and society are essential in the formation of the child, at last are all responsible ones for the education. Violence. Evident that the difficulty in articulating the school, family and society well, has contributed for the consolidation of the culture of the violence, after all the child in process of formation, inside of a misadjusted family, a school and omissive society, already it is attacked and obviously it will learn more to attack of what to love. So that the family can be sanctuary of the life is necessary the formation of true citizens, for in such a way the partnership with the school is essential, considering that the school will oportunizar the necessary complement in the formation of the values that first are worked in the family, at least is what would have to happen to construct an authentic culture of the peace.

The parents do not need to be cultured. They can and they must give, mainly, life examples. The best examples of integration school/family are between the communities participativas, despite less favored economically, and it does not enter the most instructed. One of the school examples that do not assume its responsibilities is the one that if dedicates only to the pupils who already come ready, with previous luggage cultural, and, therefore, they are the ones that if they detach and they pass easily of year.