Professional Public

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Already average education, this, continue being palco of social inaquality, although the number of school registrations is also increased in the nocturnal period. Moreover, where it would have to form citizens with common-sense? critic, that they know to think, to reason, is not making it, perhaps due to qualification of some professionals and resources in the schools. He has a great insatisfao of the parents, or parents who do not have a concern with its children, professors who lack to the lessons and do not suffer punishment, neither are made responsible by its systematic imperfections, strikes etc. The parents, even so consider acceptable education the quality of average public education and basic he is conscientious of that it is quality is insufficient to assure the success in the walked one. Necessary public education to cultivate to guide and to stimulate professional vocations. Beyond what, education has a great paper to play the function of consolidation of the knowledge and the preparation for the work and the citizenship to more continue learning each time. The marcantes characteristics are: the wallets piled up until the ceiling of the room, 40 pupils for classroom, walls and walls more than pinchados, professors not motivated and threatened by the proper pupils, without library, laboratories, sultry classrooms, without square or some place descent for the leisure and physical activities, schools without security in the entrances and exits, pupils with extreme aggressiveness or depressive, familiar problems and etc. and the primordial o professor goes beyond its functions in the truth, becomes social psychologists, assistants, or better, parents and mothers. What it is a dream that must be fulfilled with bigger rapidity is the professional valuation, a financing that are really capable to surpass the economic difficulties of the public education, and a democratic management not forgetting part the responsibility of the family who the proper one must arcar.