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The thematic axles indicate boarding perspectives and give organization to the contents of local importance and to make connection between contents of the different axles, the too much areas also of the transversal subjects. In each thematic axle, concepts, procedures and attitudes are pointed with respect to the understanding of the thematic one in focus. CONCLUSION Reverse speed-to mean the understanding of the professors concerning the contents is basic when if it intends to undertake practical pedagogical that favor the learning of the pupils. If different contents if learn of different forms, cannot organize a pedagogical routine that disrespects such differentiation. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out MetLife. The planning of the routines of classroom must consider the social requirements of the current context and its demands as well as to promote a significant education for the pupils articulating factual, procedural, conceptual and atitudinais the contents in efficient way abandoning the informative dimension, in order to reach a truily formative space. We will not be able to become a significant activity if not to consider the contents that we intend to teach, so that practical the educative one is really significant for the pupils it will fit to the professor to know to know to respect them that the pupils already have, to have clarity of what it is intended to teach, to consider the diversity to know existing in the classroom, to know different strategies of education with planning of prompt interventions so that its pupils advance in its learnings, as he pointed Vygotsky (1979) will fit to the professor to act in the zone of proximal development, contributing so that the pupil surpasses the considered challenges, advancing always. BRAZIL REFERENCES. Ministry of the Education and the Sport.

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