Methodological Schemes

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Saying about the body and soul, you need to talk about the spirit, which will be discussed in the following paragraphs. 3. Place of education in methodological schemes. Education as a type A is represented in the schemes methodology (ULD-Me) as an ideological discipline. Consider some. 3. 1. A diagram of the reproduction and transmission to (WA & TC).

Scheme VD and TC-2 TC-4, 7, 8 shown in Fig. 2 in the author's interpretation. Reproduction processes macroscopic life, and in particular, D-particular, are essential intrinsic phenomena of life, providing the present and future, since all material is subject to entropy and self-destruction as a result of randomization of the eternal energy of motion. Mechanism of reproduction is associated with the work absorbed by the external energy flux substance and fotoradiatsionnym synthesis of organic products and systems, up to the social. A mechanism of reproduction is ensured primarily the reproduction of labor power, ie population through births, according to mechanism of molecular-genetic inheritance from parents to children, which reflects the lower circuit.

t = 2_.jpg Fig. 2. Scheme of the VD and the TC. A – activity, K – culture, C – values. In the reproduction of the D and the child receives 1-e Education, Family and Corporate, primarily by imprinting and imitation, being in the "brine" life (DB). At an early age he put language, bipedalism, skills, self-service, the first concept good and evil, communications, ethics, etc., mainly game methods, ie trial and attempts to demonstrate the action.