Lunar Calendar

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POWER OF THE MOON … She worships our entire lives without without words, so as not to happened, no matter what the circumstances did not happen with us, your event with the vital world, our victories and our porazheniya.VES world depends on lunar phases and RITMOV.Poetomu we must know or be able to say so to hear this moonlit Sonata to know how postupat.DLYa this, and there Lunar Calendar to understand what he is talking about LUNA.Pomozhet pass a lot of trouble to become a full-fledged master of his destiny. Every morning, we listen to the forecast pogody.Pochemu, because we do not want us to be caught in the weather rasploh.Tak why not make a habit every day to look into the Lunar Calendar and know the weather of their own destiny … The lunar calendar is based on the period synodic, or lunar month (29.53059 days), determines the change of seasons and lunar faz.periodichnost solar year. An example is the Muslim lunar calendar. Most people who have been living on the moon calendar specifies the months worth at a time of 29 or 30 days, it turns out the average length of the lunar month of 29.5 days.

The periodicity of the lunar period in this calendar is 354 sut.Istinny lunar year, consisting of 12 periodical months contains 354.3671 days. What this ignores the fractional part, so for 30 years, there are differences in 11.012 days. The summation of these 11 days every 30 years, resumed the discrepancy in accordance lunar phases. The main turning point of the lunar calendar that his year is less than the solar year by 11 days, starting from this figure, all the seasons and lunar phases from one year to move to later dates, which creates certain difficulties in social life. Lunar days – this time, which takes place from sunrise to sunrise luny.V this time, we usually spim.Ne starting with the first lunar day: and they begin during the new moon, and he does not always coincide with the rising luny.Pervye lunar day ends at the moment novoluniya.Blagodarya after the first lunar day, which can be very kratkovremennymi.Vot in one thousand nine hundred and ninety-eighth year of the new moon on November 19 was a 7 hours 27 minutes in the morning and the moon rise at 7 o'clock in the morning fifty-one minute It turned out that the first lunar day lasted just 24 minuty.Oni are even less up to 10 minutes, depending on lunar cycles, sometimes daily, and can last several chasov.Ona can respond to the periodicity of ordinary lunar days. Generally in lunar month of 29 lunar days, and sometimes 30.Tridtsatye lunar day, too, can be very small: they are not from the nearest moon rises, and at the birth of the moon, which can happen in between the two honey moon state. The duration of the rest of the lunar days lunar days about odinakova.Raznye AFFECT fishing.