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Precious metal benefits by decreasing dollar rate the precious yellow metal is since many years a hot property. The ancient Egyptians already encouraged gold to make jewelry. And the jewelry industry is still the largest buyer of raw materials. In the 19th century, it came to a gold rush in California. The appeal was on gold prospecting here many Emmigranten sure also, that the metal in nature in its pure State is in contrast to most other metals. As the financial portal found out, the precious metal has lost none of its desirability today. Now, in October 2009, the price of an ounce of gold has increased to over US$ 1,048.

A result that is unique in the history of the gold course. This is probably on speculation, which predicted a declining importance of the dollar. This affects also strongly on other precious metals, such as silver, which is positively correlated with the price of gold. Decided on the basis of forecasts, which predict a further expansion of the gold value, the speculators, massively to buy their way. So far, only a few investors opted for a proportion of gold in their portfolios. Hear recent messages on the current gold market situation, now even the otherwise deemed more frugal Chinese shareholders invested in the sought-after precious metal. Experts estimate the end of 2010 to $ 1,400 per Troy ounce gold price.