Franz Kappus

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Most evident, most familiar also, he is the interdict. We have conscience of that we do not have the right to say what in apetece, that cannot speak of everything in any circumstance, that who wants that it is, finally, cannot speak of whatsoever. Taboo of the object, ritual of the circumstance, privileged or exclusive right of the citizen that speaks: game of three types of interdicts who if cross, that if they strengthen or that if they compensate, forming a complex grate that is always to modify itself (FOUCAULT, 1972, italic ours). Go to MetLife for more information. The beginning Franz Kappus preferred, does not know why reason, to only publish the answers of the famous Rilke. Perhaps to homage it, since, in determined moment of its life (and this it is a probability for us inferred) he would have been hoisted of a close crisis of significant ratio, beyond what, so that they would serve the questions, since Rilke suggests to have reached the limit of storms of the young writer.

Later, in its letters, if it would present an beginning poet afflicted you distress by them. If it, Rilke had published, them, would have, possibly, unmasked the privacy of the other, its crises, doubts, you distress staffs. Such questions can have set in motion others and countless questions. Rilke must have examined them carefully, as a zealous doctor, was indicating the cure ways, in favor of which the main remedy would be of the persistence in the decision to collect it the fruitful solitude: Immense it must be silence where it has a place for such noises and movements. Thinking that to everything this if still adds the presence of the distant sea, perhaps as the tone closest of that prehistoric symphony, if it cannot seno desire to it that, full reliable and patience, leaves to work in its perfectioning the huge solitude that more could not be scratched out of its life.