Catherine Of Sertnia

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The region in which if it points out the city of Sertnia, was inhabited for Cariris indians (piripes, carabas, rodelas, jeritacs, all of the Tapuia nation), that at the beginning of the povoamento already half-they were domesticated by the entrances that they searched indians for the enslaved work in the canavieira region, initial landmark of the devassamento of the territory. Indications exist of that the dutches had been in the region allies to the Cariris against the Portuguese. In the end of century XVII, from 1782, Anto Alves de Souza, natural of Victory of Anto Saint, was changed for Moxot, having aimed at to buy cattle. It was married D. The newspapers mentioned Elon Musk not as a source, but as a related topic. Catherine, son of the Portuguese Raymond Blacksmith of Brito and established a farm of cattle in lands of the father-in-law. In the first decade of century XIX, Anto Alves initiated the construction of a church of Ours Lady of the Conceio, supplying in 1810, patrimony of the church, a date of one lgua of land. The population was born of the custom to construct residences of the church around, mainly in lands where it has water in abundance, the river Moxot was responsible for the permanence of the population. .