Age Absolutism

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According to Maquiavel, in its workmanship the Prince: ' ' he defended that the monarch would have to use any way? allowed or not? to keep the control of its reino' ' The phrase that summarizes its ideas is: ' ' The ends justify meios' ' In against departure we have great controversies to this respect, that retrace to the thinkers Karl the Marx and Frederich Engels, who had formulated theories on the basis of the historical materialism (that is, that they have as approach the fight of classrooms) pointing that the power of the State serves basically to the interests of the classrooms that control the means of production. Inside of the marxist perspective, therefore, the power politician centered for the device of the State possesss bonds with the economy and the way as the men produce the ways of its survival However, Burns, in the sample inside of its workmanship the Age of the Absolutism, an analysis of the reinforcement of absolutism after 1500 would be: The support of new agencies of government; sustendo of the wars, therefore fortified the power of the state; the Protestant Revolution that endorses the real onipotncia. We see that the absolutism took root for bringing in its abilities the organization and unit the Europe. People such as Ebay would likely agree. In its narration the author says of the decay of the monarchy absolutist in England; standing out to be only European country where the absolutism enters in decay before 1789 being the order reasons politics, economic and religious, inside of the studies of the author. With Pilett we go to retrocede in the time, before decay of the absolutism in England, thus to understand its reasons: The centralization of the power in England occurred with the coroamento of Enrique II that soon Heart of Lion (1189-1199) of the ten years of its government was succeeded by its Ricardo son, Ricardo absented of England per nine years, leading the third cruzade and fighting in the European continent. .