Today, ahead of as many selective tests (initial, competitions, election for a job etc.) the use of an orthography inside of the norm becomes necessary standard of the language. In it, it has rules that they must be respected. It is the case of the words that finish in ' ' esa' ' (calabresa) or ' ' eza' ' (singeleza). The grafia of the letters ' ' s' ' or ' ' z' ' , in this in case that, it would depend on the direction of two concepts: concrete and abstract. In general way, being concrete, we write with ' ' s' ' vocbulo being abstract, then we write with ' ' z' '. hroughout. An abbreviation in these words could suffocate the perception of who ahead selecionarsse the candidate of a test, therefore if it would not know to the certainty if the candidate shortened because she did not know the grafia of the word, or if she made this for economy for ' ' to gain tempo' ' , inside of a bigger text. As much a case as another one, is not accepted for the examiners ahead of official a selective process.

It is necessary that if everything leaves clearly what is intended to write of form concise, with the correct orthography in the writing of the words. In this point, we can reflect the use of ' ' abreviaturas' '. Of the Latin, it has as root the expression ' ' breve' ' , adjective that means ' ' of little extension; little durao' '. When we write a writing, the abbreviation can be useful to make a rough draft, but it does not stop officializing its text (to ' ' to pass limpo' ' a writing, the words must be written with the ortogrficas rules). Considering the factor ' ' economia' ' to vocabular, beyond the writing, the trend today is that if it says to each time more abbreviations.