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Behavior In The Basin

Posted by Sylia on

All of us in our lives who are often less likely anyone who even visited the pool constantly (who has yet to be …). After regular visits to the pool, the author decided to share with everyone (both newcomers and seasoned), unwritten rules which should be followed. Let's start from the beginning. When you visit most of the basin, it is necessary to carry flip flops (preferably rubber), a towel, shower gel (generally fine if it's 2 in 1 – shower gel + shampoo), wool (well, there individually), bathing suit (or swimming trunks, women – rubber cap in the supplement, you can buy on the spot) and a certificate from a doctor that you are allowed to visit the pool (as a rule, you can also get directly in the pool), is also desirable to immediately take the ticket, because You can count on a significant discount. Perhaps some useful points. Once you have everything you need and you cross the line dressing should be in accordance with its nomerkom received at the reception to open it.

After the dress and head to the shower (with shower gel). Take a shower and include a gel in the locker and go directly to the pool in which most cases is located just outside the shower. Give the key duty or install it yourself in the appropriate cell number (not to confuse the male and female keys, they are usually different colors). After the duty you tell how much you go out or detect the most time on the clock (in all the basins they weigh in a conspicuous place.) Usually stay "on water" is 40-60 minutes.