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We are being witnesses of a new era, characterized by the information. This is traido consequently the beginning of the virtual businesses like solution to the economic recession that is lived in the world, and our sense of adaptation at the time of finding sources of viable income in the time. Now we have a world in front of opportunities using like tool of distribution of goods or services, the computer science systems. From the point of view of business, the use of Internet brings a series of advantages, such as: Low production costs? Little initial investment? System of more effective distribution? Business in autopilot? Majors income that the obtained ones in a traditional work? But amount of time to dedicate to him to our family? Benefits majors? Recovery of the investment in smaller time For that reason is than I recommend the use of the virtual platforms to undertake a new project of business. However, I know that many people do not have the academic preparation to deal with the new technologies, we think that the initial curve of learning will become very heavy. Nevertheless I say to them that the important thing is here to have a plan, a map that takes to you from ground zero to where your you want to arrive. That it is not easy, it is very certain, but nonimpossible.

It is necessary to very have the Earth feet or and knowledge beforehand that so that all business, or is traditional or virtual, he is successful, we must work hard and be very motivated. That is obtained with the effort and the dedication. Next you will be able to see in summarized form the most important points in a business in Internet: The product or service to sell? The technological infrastructure? The traffic from possible clients to your Web site? The conversion of prospectus in clients, or what is the same, to produce the sale. The secret of a business in Internet is to spend the greater time to him possible to obtain traffic and to turn this one into clients, because without sales there is no business. The best solution is to face the economic changes that we are living more soon possible and to prepar itself suitably without fear but with caution.