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then, had to the traditional description of the differentiation of functions, where the man would have to occupy with the labor activities, whereas the women would be in charge them domestic functions, was in fact a to be broken barrier, an ideological value that the women had had to face to search its space in the current economic and social conjuncture, and, therefore the effect of this implication still endorse in a context contemporary, thus providing the different women conditions of work in comparison the reality lived deeply for the men. This implication is characteristic that still happens of the existence of the sort inaquality, that also is propitious phenomenon and of some form it pro finishes to fall again into practical of moral siege against the women. Then, using itself of this quarrel to understand that even so the women come gaining new spaces throughout the years, the feminine situation not yet is one of the best ones, that is, not yet if of the one of igualitria form, it sees that this problem falls again, therefore, of the inaquality of sort, treated to follow. 4,3 Inaquality of Sort in the Work To speak in sort inaquality with approach in the work questions means to understand the relations of being able existing between men and women. As already firmed previously, the feminine ascension was not given of homogeneous form throughout the time, therefore, exactly with the increasing busy space for the women in the market of work, the best jobs, the wages highest, and the great positions politicians, among others, still then in significant concentration of the men. It is lamentable to describe that these characteristics still send of one old discriminatory ideology, where the inaquality traces have its explanation in the traditional separation of papers between men and women. The preference of certain companies for the act of contract of men, instead of women, possess as basic explanation the concept of productivity and costs on social changes. .