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Opposite reporters without fight to excarcelar to journalist Rodrigo Ange, Guinean journalist and correspondent of France-Presse, prisoner of bring back to consciousness, represaliado and jailed to criticize the terrorist policy of Obiang. Convergence for the Social Democracy has denounced " numerous violations of Human rights " committed in Equatorial Guinea, " in spite of the enormous efforts that the regime unfolds governs that to wash it to its image internacional" in this matter. Also, it has been sorry that the population continues living in a state on " misery extrema" in spite of " immense riqueza" that it generates petroleum. Solidaridad.Net is lamented of which a political class corrupt and monopolized by relatives and next to Obiang vampirice the resources of the country. His son Gabriel Obiang is Hydrocarbon minister. While, its Teodoro first-born, known like Teodorn between its companions orgas in the most expensive hotels of Paris, is minister of Forests.

Position that nondoubt in making compatible with the possession and direction of lumber companies, radio stations, television channels, airlines and a record one with even soothes in the United States. Now a Spanish delegation composed by the minister of Outer Subjects, Manuel senator Fraga, a deputy of the PSOE, and a senator of the same party, a senator of CiU, senator of GNP and a select representation of Spanish industralists, travels to Equatorial Guinea to render pleitesa to him to the dictator and to its petroleum. Left only United one has refused to travel in this legation to that country. The leader of the opposition in I exile, Severe Motorcycle has shown that these encounter do not serve to help nor to know the Guinean town, but to give oxygen to the dictatorship of in a while especially critical Obiang of the tyrant. The question is: So under it is the price of our dignity that in exchange for petroleum or of not that possible businesses we humiliated ourselves before delinquents? So little honor we have? Then it goes from here a voice that affirms that not all the Spaniards we are thus, that all we did not serve the neoliberalism, which they are even people in this country shyly and decency, that we condemned to the assassins and the opresores and that, permtaseme, distorting a paraphrase of Felipe II we could affirm that we preferred honour without petroleum that petroleum without honour. Government of Spain, minister Moratinos, senator Fraga and ad lateres, once again have put the leg. Once they cause it shames that me of you, who not of being Spanish, because Spain suffers to them and I support to them like, but she does not support with you, nor she adheres to his brutalities. That nobody thinks that the citizens of many nations, among them Spain, we are corrupt, impure and immoral, that is it their politicians, their crowd of industralists without entrails, the immense majority we have ethics, modesty and honesty. Jesus Gil Bentez original Author and source of the article.