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What should I fear it? Press Department: Changes something for the tool Department within the company, which had until now a small range of colors in their stock? Wheel holder: Yes, they will benefit from the changes. The structures within the tool Department were and are too broad. Focusing on the essentials, it now says both for us and for the tool Department. Everyone can concentrate on its category. It helps of course especially the tooling that reduces and so the special tool customers who hardly know mostly our variety of products, even better to use.

The customers get even better service. Press Department: Should make be deleted in the distribution company? Wheel carrier: It is not our intention was and has never been in the meetings within the leadership conversation content. We want to continue to grow. The new Department of painter’s supplies and colors has companies need some adjustment to the overall concept of the Lotex. The staff of the Tool Department will receive new articles and hardly noticed that the category colors will be deprived of them. “” By mid-November, as the first date and up to the end of the year as the latest deadline, we are within the old”Division tool” to the newly-formed Department of colors “clarity. Wheel carrier: But now everyone in the company knows. You will be posting an article but as a spokesperson or?, wheel carrier adds mischievously.

Press Department: The Executive Board and you not something much made themselves with the schedule? Wheel carrier: The schedule is certainly ambitious and it is most certainly not a walk. You know better than I but the PAL. I was told the head that some night shifts are probably necessary for me to have divided about the date. But the timeframe was probably also just products with the introduction of the Aldecor and the process the Aldecor launch should be been run through at the same time pressure. After the transition to know customer complaints? I I am absolutely sure that we will successfully work at the latest to the 1 January 2010 in the new structure. (Similarly see: Dalton Caldwell). Press Department: Why is the Lotex not earlier taken this step? Wheel carrier: We were wondering that also in our last meeting. The products of the PPG Deco SP z o.o. were slowly tested on different markets. In Belgium, Poland and the Ukraine, we never had slump in sales. There, the products were already known by the manufacturer. That we didn’t have started to include the complete product range, is correct in retrospect because we had to deal with other major tasks in the past 3 years. Started with the construction of online distribution in the German-speaking countries such as Germany and Austria, all product details had to be worked on only. We can now make the sales from a position of strength. Therefore from now I only use what I know from my experience and have operated for many years even.