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The methods that ei would use were to consider the pupils who practise more, therefore being practised are that it is learned. Pupil: Lucas Rodrigues Alves 1) ' ' Grammar is a set of rules so that the people pass if to express better through palavras.' ' 2) ' ' If it relates to the way of speaking of each one to pronounce palavras.' ' 3) ' ' Yes, to develop assunto.' ' 4) ' ' They are good, therefore with them we learn to write corretamente.' ' 5) ' ' Yes, I read and I obtain to interpret facilmente.' ' 6) ' ' Yes, because many rules and exceptions exist that must be lembradas.' ' 7) ' ' It would say so that it was more patient and she did not run in such a way with matria.' ' 8) ' ' It would pass DVD? s counting literary histories of the authors and its schools. It would give to magazines and other half ones to stimulate leitura.' ' Pupil: Mayara Pedrosa Duro 1) ' ' It is the study of the words, its classificao.' ' 2) ' ' I do not remember the one that if refere.' ' 3) ' ' Yes, mainly to start a text, or when I do not have knowledge of the given subject to produce texto.' ' 4) ' ' I find boats and to the times complicadas.' ' 5) ' ' Not, I find chato.' ' 6) ' ' To the times, because it is not a substance that gosto.' ' 7) ' ' It would not say nothing, therefore I find that the substance is being explained and worked of the skill that would have to be, and of form that I can entender.' ' 8) ' ' I do not make the minim ideia.' ' Bibliographical references BAGNO, Landmarks. Dramatical of the Portuguese Language.