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Before one thought that a phase of load was obligation to maximize the effects of the creatine, but is infinity of investigations that sample that it does not have to happen through all the annoyances of the load. This will be of interest for the individual that undergoes gastrointestinal annoyances, diarrhoea and other problems with higher doses. What type of creatine I must buy? There are many companies that offer creatine supplements that way, but a pile of people to forgotten the simple dust creatine. Everything what you need to know that the best creatine than sells the companies is those that make of Creapure. So, while the bottle of creatine sees the one that you have bought, it has Creapure like his source of creatine, it is good.

Much has struggled about the purity of the creatine and it is not accepted that all the of the creatine are not equal. Ethylic ester of creatine is a new form of creatine. One is made up of creatine, alcohol and acid which means one better uptake rate in weaves. The manufacturers affirm that noncause swelling, cramps or annoyances in the stomach and is processed in the fastest muscle what is in better results. Due to his chemical structure, he can be in a greater pressure on liver. Although it seems to have a potential, habra that to wait for more investigation.

I must take creatine with sugar? One has demonstrated that to stimulate the insulin liberation by the consumption of high amounts of azca aid to improve the transport and the absorption of the creatine in the muscular weave. Nevertheless, the insulin is also responsible for fat storage. Therefore he is recommendable that is only consumed the creatine with simple carbohydrates, before or after his training.