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The Consequence Of Not Having Affection

Posted by Sylia on

By: Jaime Hernandez that theme so important, the truth that is vital to have affection toward oneself, to be able to provide it also. In one of my articles put me a comet to talk to this person to the affection, the commentary above commented, that a friend of hers that is inhibiting to give a hug or kiss. And of course as I have mentioned on several occasions, nothing comes from nothing, everything has its cause and effect. If a person tries to give something you don’t have, because it is obvious that it is impossible, it is illogical to try to deliver what one no. If you don’t have love, then do you give love? The first thing is on you, and then others.

Returning to the point that everything has its cause. If a person is cold, rebel, bad temper, etc. Is highly likely that if children received or lived in an atmosphere of discussions, psychological abuse, scolding, insults, criticisms etc. Why being when it comes to adulthood difficult give affection towards others, because you cannot give what you do not have. In fact when a child grows in a bad environment, they tend to be an offender on the other hand, when a young boy growing up in a home full of love, harmony and love, is very difficult to be a criminal.

My recommendations: If your you grew in a good environment, thanks and think on how to educate your children, watch your words, or how much in as you talk to them, hug them, Kiss them and make him feel that for you it is the most have a child as well. It recognizes their qualities not their defects. If not you grew in a good environment, also appreciates the good that you provided your parents, if you costs today I work to give love to others, working in you, at first Amarte a ti, recognizes that you are a being unique, special and a being with unique qualities that ever existed or will exist in the Earth. Look good that is in thee, focus on it and I really like te iras falling for yourself. You have things that other people don’t have them, of that I am sure. If you look at your flaws also I am sure you will find more, but do so do it? Better get the opposite. Finally look at you in the mirror and say you are love and have right to be happy practice all of the above and looks like it is giving results. For a better quality of life, Jaime Hernandez original author and source of the article.