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Another aspect that must take into account the company, is all concerning guaranteeing the development of a good organizational culture, enabling, to provide technical the modern knowledge that take passage to that the abilities and skills arise which they are in the present required, to take very into account all concerning complaints, opinions and everything what him of guarantee to the worker to feel comfortable, satisfied in the performance with its functions, guaranteeing to him an adapted ergonomics, favorable, that it avoids to them that stress is pronounced and it affects them in his work and arise effects that work against to the organizational behavior, like the absenteeism, improductividad, dissatisfaction, stress, costs that they affect all company. On the matter of the importance of the subject and the necessity to confront it by far care, if really it is wanted to have a competitive participation, favorable for the company it contributes to us, that we consider, one of the functions of the RRHH department is to motivate the employees of the company. For that we must be asked what moves to people to work by a common aim. It indicates the source of intelligence, that there is, would distinguish, in broad strokes, between two types of motivation: * Material motivation. * Emotional motivation. The material motivation has an almost direct translation in the pay that receives the workers.

We are human, and we cannot deny that a good pay can condition your psychic state In addition, to consider " " well pagado" " on the part of your company, he is key for the good development of your activity, and therefore of the operation of the company. It is difficult to put the limit between good pays and the interests economic of the company. Aspect extremely determining in reality enterprise Venezuelan, where we considered that the repayment lets much say, when every time the economy Venezuelan stimulates its inflation more and the high cost of the life feels at the time of covering the basic needs, to guarantee survival to buy products basic, more when every time the prices are increased and affects the real value of the basic basket that often cannot be acquired of course and, all this letter against the quality of life of the Venezuelan worker who already is a certain fact, letting much say the fact that the pays are not agreed to the economic reality.