Valencian Administration

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More clearly, water. How it has responded all to these considerations the political power? Francisco Camps, deeply rooted optimist, has recognized the existence of some for the first time deficiencies in their management, but have not taken really the bull by the horns, to use the metaphor that the president of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, applied to the reforms of Rodriguez Zapatero. Camps admitted that there is " to change those dynamic ones of other times and to bet now by a model more acorde" with the present situation. Lamentably, it was shielded immediately in which " the Valencian Administration is barata&quot more; of all, in spite of being " worse financiada" by the State. If all the comparisons are odious, according to the popular saying, they either do not solve by themselves the problems of delay in the payment to suppliers, diminution of social benefits, increase of the national debt and greater accrued income of interests, et cetera, et cetera. We think, for example, that the Consell spends more in doing against its debt that in social welfare, according to him it has recriminated socialist deputy Antonio Towers. The pending problems follow then there: leafy park of cars public whereas in Great Britain are ministers who travel in meter, relatives and friendly relocated like useless and dispensable advisers, ruinous public companies used to turn aside the deficit budgetary All this is not exclusive patrimony of the Valencian Community, by all means. But it is necessary to correct it. In order to help to put the things in his site it will be necessary to count on apparently appeared again civil society. Welcome is, then, and to give the callus. Original author and source of the article.