Universal Declaration

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The Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Man 1 express estesentimento of clear form in its article XXV: Art. XXV All man has right to a capable standard of living to deassegurar itself and its family health and well-being, also medical feeding, clothes, habitation, cares and indispensable the social services, edireito to the security in case of unemployment, illness, invalidity, widowhood, velhiceou other cases of loss of the ways of subsistence in circumstances is deseu control. 2 In its workmanship, Coast 3 mentions that the constitution dossistemas of social protection had its origin with some historical landmarks. Entreeles the beddings of the bismarckiano social insurance are distinguished (1883); in socialSecurity American Act (1935); in the ideal of Beveridge (1942), of the release they dohomem of the necessity, and in Declaration of the Human Rights. Such fatostransformaram in paradigms for the institution and evolution of sistemasnacionais of social security. The notion of presented dignity makes to appear the concept social daseguridade, having as objective the protection and the security dostrabalhadores in its familiar scope. Balera 4 mentions that the capacidadehumana knew to create the social security to make possible the conquest of the bem-estarcoletivo, being it joint it of the measures that if valley the State to take care of asnecessidades of security in the adversity of the human being, giving tranqilidadequanto to the future. In other words, the Social security tries the proteonecessria to the insured when these do not have the conditions enough to parasuprir, for its proper ways, the necessities of its family.

The Social security is distinguished in three basic concepts. 5 the first one is the Social welfare, that encloses the covering of contingnciasdecorrentes of illness, invalidity, oldness, unemployment, death and protection maternidade, by means of contribution, granting retirements, pensions, aids, among others. As the concept mentions to it the Social Assistance that treats doatendimento to the hipossuficientes, destining small benefits the people quenunca had contributed for the system. .