The Problems

) The population continues growing and intent in the same urban areas. b) The economy continues growing and intent in the same urban areas. If the processes of occupation and use of the territory to continue following the trend of the form as have occurred, that is, advancing on the edges and stream beds of courses d? water, on areas of forests and bushes, hillsides excessively steep and inapropriadas for the occupation human being and the economic use, concentrating populations each time more intensely in spaces reduced, the Humanity it will continue to attend, impotent, to the desolating pictures of suffering and pain that the people will try for the loss of its houses, its good and its dear beings. Because in the week that finished in 18 of December of the 2009, while the world-wide press still had the eyes directed toward the COP-15, in Copenhagen, where 192 world-wide leaders had not obtained to arrive at an agreement on the future of the planet, press of all Brazil still followed with the eyes come back toward the catastrophes that intense rains continued provoking. The resolution of the problems caused for the climatic changes will be able to cause a false sensation of security. It is imagined situation: In them we do not confrot more with the climatic problems that, until then, afflict the Humanity.

But, we follow with the processes of occupation and chaotic use of the territory as we have seen until then. E, when meteorological phenomena if to reveal, the consequences will be the same ones that we are living of the present. Therefore nor the climate is the villain for catastrophes and problems and upheavals that afflict families and companies, nor the territory is its abetter. Both are hostages of the Man, as to be social. But, in the end, the Nature always is successful. the Man, as to be natural, will sobrepujar the Man as to be social. That it will not deny its social characteristics, but, necessarily, through them, will establish new forms of its proper organization on the physical and natural base, on which depends irreversible. The necessary Nature of space to interact with the proper Nature. Because if the Man not to change the forms of its proper organization on the physical and natural base, later does not advance to cry on spilled rain?