The Information

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In this direction when, for example, in the case of Brazil, the net Globe adopts a procedure form, to the other takes it senders as parameter to delimit its action. All these values notice presented by WOLF they act of systematic form to become possible the routine of the journalistic work. tel senior VP and COO. Of this form, these values must most be argued inside of the production procedures, therefore they only acquire meant in the productive process of the notice and there they develop its function. The routines of production of which the values notice are integrant parts, present three phases that are: the collection, the election and the presentation. The collection has as bedding the sources and them they are determinative factors for the quality of the information. The material collected for the correspondents, the envoy special, the cronistas and that it arrives by means of the agencies is reduced the certain number of notice, destined to the transmission of the reporter.

The flow of information received in writings already is regulated of form that can take care of to the procedures and the operational and individual habits of each organization. In this way, the coordinate act of receiving them notice on the part of the journalistic companies already it is configured as an election process. The last stage of the productive process of the notice is the edition and presentation of the notice. Inside of the presentation aspect the main bedding of the activity of edition in the reporters is to transform the event into a history with a beginning, way and end. ' ' The edition is destined, therefore to give a synthetic representation, necessarily soon, visibly coherent and possibly significant of the object of notcia' ' (WOLF 2003 P. 260). On this ' ' teoria' ' , Traquina (2005) affirms that the process of production of the information is born as a series of choices where the flow of notice has to pass for diverse gates, that is, gates, that are not more than what areas of decision in relation which the journalist, that is gatekeeper, has to decide if it goes to choose if this notice passes or does not pass for ' ' porto' ' , that is, if the notice goes or not to be propagated.