The Infection

They have actually labeled these links "bad neighborhoods." You can raise a toast to the fact that you can not be penalized when a bad area is associated with your site; penalty happens only when you are – one, sending communications to the poor district. But you need to check and recheck all the connections that are active on your links page to make sure that you are not contacted with the bad area. The first thing to check is if the pages have contacted you to be fined. You will then see that most pages give 'Pagerank', which is represented by a sliding green scale on the toolbar, Google. Do not mess with any place that shows no green at all to scale. This is particularly important when the scale is completely gray.

More than likely that these pages have been penalized. If you are associated with these pages, you can catch their penalty, and like the flu, it can be difficult to recover from the infection. There is no need to fear the connection with the places whose scale shows only a tiny sliver of green in their scale. These places have not been fined, and their relationship can go up in price and popularity. However, do make sure you close control over such links, to establish that at some point they do not stand up fine as soon as You have connected to them from your links page. Another evil trick that illicit webmasters use to artificially boost their link popularity is the use of hidden text. Search engines usually use the words on Web pages as a factor in forming their rankings, which means that if the text on your page contains your keywords, you have more opportunities to increase your search engine, which occupies place than a page that does not contain text inclusive of keywords. Some webmasters have circumvented this formula by hiding their keywords in such a way so as to be invisible to any visitors to their site. For example, they used the keywords but made them the same color as the background color of a page, such as a set of white keywords on a white background. You can not see these words by the human eye – but the eye spiders the system can identify them easily! Spider – use a search engine program to make web pages indexed, and when it sees these invisible words, it comes back and increases the ranking of the links page. Importantly to combine optimization and redesign of the site.