The Dynamics Of The Existence

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The basic command "Survive!" To obey all life, can be divided into the eight dynamics (dynamic meaning momentum, thrust or impulse). Knowledge of the dynamics allows a person to inspect and more easily understand every aspect of life. Using these principles in their daily lives, and often use itself may be the factor that determines the success or failure. Moreover, these principles greatly clarify what so often leads to confusion and bewilderment. Suppose, for example, that life could be divided into correct categories, so that its many activities, often confused and blurred suddenly could more easily understood. Suppose, for example: what if all activities of the various aspects of a person's life could not only understood by what they really are, but in harmony with all others? The basic command "Survive!" Due to all life, is divided into eight categories, so that each aspect of life can be inspected and understood more easily. These eight categories are called the eight dynamics (dynamic meaning momentum, thrust or impulse).

Through this knowledge, a person realizes that his life and influence extend beyond itself. It also includes the need to participate in a much wider scope. By understanding each of these dynamics and the relationship between them, the person is capable of doing the above, thereby increasing survival in all these dynamics. '''The first dynamic is SELF.''' This dynamic is the effort to survive as an individual, because an individual. Includes our body and mind. It is the effort to achieve the highest level of survival for yourself for as long as possible.