The Door

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Then give a few turns, gave me to return to the classroom, my friend was near the canteen and few children lay at the door of the salon, I came up an edge and I flip. To look inwards first desks, you could see my friend always sat first and you could display your bag, without However to my surprise another classmate who was said to be a great friend of this girl was I about to furtively open your bag, perhaps to check it, I dare not make anything else although the gesture of his face gave much to think about. Near the door, watching as if my friend was approaching the Hall, another great friend (since last year) laughing, she was the accomplice. I just watched them, another girl the verme closed bag while laughed and they again went out to recess. I stayed at the door and my friend didn’t take long to appear, I thought I would tell him what he had seen: their great friends checking your bag furtively with I do not know what purpose. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Morgan Stanley. But I told him nothing, I thought that I would just see it as a joke more because they were her best friends, and I would put in trouble with those two so I preferred to remain silent. The situation could have happened as a child joke but for me was witnessing betrayal a child form, I never trusted in those two. With the graduation of primary wine the separation. However, I always wanted to continue studying with my friend and I asked to go to study at his school, but could not. I called him by phone several times over the years, I lost your number and by chance again it find. It took me five years to get back to you to see. Meanwhile I found other friends, they had their group to which I was as Deputy of name, never felt part of it.