The Coexistence

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LM: of the heart. They are the first syllables of the names of the wife of Diego and my wife. Has it been difficult to handle a Publisher to duo? DC: Any endeavor you make duo have their ups and their downs as if it were the loving bond with your partner, I think the comparison with coexistence in a couple is the best way to illustrate a relationship where two people make decisions together and must learn to listen and be heard. A courtship or a marriage begins because you want to be happy and where they feel they need to be together to achieve that happiness, on the other hand a venture of a two launches with a premeditated aim and function to do this two people unite to achieve reach and exceed the goal. LM: not with Diego. I don’t know if it will be hard to do a Duet, but luckily with Diego is all quite simple.

It does not mean we think the same, but that we respect each other and above all do not limit any of each of our ideas that are even contradictory. We do everything that occurs to us, or try, and at least then one was right and the other is not. I admit that in our case the coexistence has been easy, and looking back I understand that to separate the tasks each one felt comfortable from the start and that allows us to be comfortable. Do you think that that could have achieved the same thing now with solo Publisher? Why? DC:no, although some ideas were mine, understand that it was enriched with the look of both and the execution of them was as expected. Basics of work in teams or alone, is the difference between know to listen to the other party or trying to be right.