The Beings

I understand that the nature (action of God) is conducted by the beginning of the conservation and economy of energy and resources, are they which will be, thus God did not need to create all the diversity of beings livings creature at the same time, if it was in this way the beings livings creature would have completely different composition one of the others, then, the most likely one, was the creation begins, it, of extremely simple an alive being and from this and of others previously modified, and in a random succession, more complex beings, that is, the natural criterion was adopted to recombine and to modify simpler beings in more complex beings, without observing a rigid succession and yes from the available beings, exactly that these are in phase different. It would be as, imagining itself, God to take a creature any, to recombine and to modify its genome, as the functionalities or characteristic that objective for a new species, catch this modified being, divide it in one or more couples, so that for the acasalamento if it multiplies and thus they become a new species autossuficiente. Evidently, part of these new species, created as explained, had given certain, however, others nor in such a way, therefore they had been extinguished. In other cases the modifications had been so radical that it is impossible to find possible links between a species and another one, because it had however small modifications and in other total modifications, what it becomes impossible to reconstruct the sequential and evolutiva tree of the creation of all the beings livings creature. Imagining that above displayed possible and it had really happened, without taking in account the factor time that stops God it is irrelevant for its proper nature, the theories of the creation and the evolution would coexist without bigger problems, and more than this, one would be validated by the other, that is, God created everything observing an evolution process, as its way to act.