Test Results Option

Project Name measure: Daily Activity Log. Test Case Name: Case Patients' views according to category. Use Case Name measure: According Viewed Stories category of patients. Test Number: 2 Level of competition or user group: 15 cycles: 10 option to try: We will test a module option Daily Activity Log. (Get Case Report Patients' views according to category.) Results obtained in test 3: The maximum response time of the option having regard to Get Case Report of Patients According to Category: 5.1 sec average time results: 0.9 sec% error: 50% in the option tested. Responses bytes: 9.2 kb / s.

Table 1.4 Test Results 3. The tests were carried out simulating a load of 5, 10 and 15 users requesting reports of cases seen by category of Patient Daily Activities Registry. The test with 15 users can not carried out in these conditions, ie in a single machine, as it requires more than one machine testing the application. Making in one machine, the maximum allowed is 15 users, as the percent of CPU utilization must be less than 90% if the test takes more than that percent, the results are false, and are not real. Having defined the characteristics of the group of users who want to simulate (Test Plan Thread Group) to see the load generated by the application, you create a Request Defaults (Thread Group Request Defaults Config Element), specifying required parameters such as number server ip, port etc. Then it adds a Proxy Server (Non-Test Elements WorkBench Proxy Server), specifying where they will be stored samples.