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Llullaillaco National Park

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A key target is the Portada Natural Monument, located on the coast, a natural arch of rock on the surface of the water. It has a height of 43 meters, rises above the Pacific Ocean. Natural Park la Chimba has enough tourist attraction, above all by its a variety of species of animals and plants, due to their different microclimates within a small territory. In the event that you rented a car in Antofagasta, it is easy to arrive at the hand of the desert, of the Chilean artist Mario Irarrazabal sculpture. The Llullaillaco National Park is so difficult to pronounce how difficult to explore for its height and terrain. It is part of the Cordillera de los Andes and begins at a height of 3,000 meters to surpass 6,700 meters. Main destination for an excursion is usually the Llullaillaco volcano, 6739 meters height. Within the tour you can see the exceptional wildlife in the nature reserve even though it is very scarce, being a desert area.

We recommend a tour guided by professionals at the Park and if you decide to visit him on their own account, not you can refrain from a rental car because it is 270 km from Antofagasta. An excursion slightly lighter would be go to Morro Moreno National Park, which is one of the oasis of fog in the country and that there are only six in total. Its height of 1,100 meters It is almost always covered with clouds. The region can also offer beaches, some of them artificial. It is best to arrive by truck since many are outside the city: are the Municipal Spa to the South, Playa Paraiso, yellow beach and the Trocadero, among several others. During the summer, exposed to radiation from the Sun from morning until night, many places offer nightly baths.

A spectacular event is the massive bath at the Trocadero, which reaches up to five thousand people participate. To stay, the visitor has to choose between more than 60 options, among which are found from hotels to cabins, residential apartments and youth hostels. The most prestigious hotels are the Radisson, the Antofagasta Hotel, Holiday Inn Express or the desert Hotel of five stars. In the city there are also museums, theatres and other cultural institutions. In the Municipal Theatre of Antofagasta, you can attend one of the concerts of the Symphony Orchestra of Antofagasta. The Museo Regional de Antofagasta exposes above all historical samples and archaeological objects. There are several monuments, such as the ruins of the Huanchaca metals smelter or the Salt Spring, which also serves as a gastronomic Centre. Tourists should not miss Jose Fracisco Vergara or clock tower plaza in Plaza Colon. In summary, you can see that the city of Antofagasta if you have a true tourist attraction, although tourism is underdeveloped. We recommend that you rent a car in Antofagasta to reach points of tourist interest outside the urban area with greater comfort. There are several options of car rental in Antofagasta, among which rent the car at the airport is the most comfortable but also more expensive.


To Eat In Sultana Is Wonderful

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In order to live a fantastic experience around the food, one of the best options than you can choose is without a doubt Madrid sultana. This it is a site that is dedicated to the gastronomy of a special way, considering the variety of flavors and options that are interesting. This it is a site that does a tribute to him taste to the good table. For that reason it has so many followers who, without a doubt always put, it in the first place of the preferences. By all means that we cannot stop not knowing the precise details that make it deserving of this distinction. The attention to the client is one from the fundamental points where it is impossible not to park. The personnel very amiable, is dedicated, simple, arranged to offer (ace) at the table an opportunity to feel as much as in house.

Because the soul also must be connected to the palate of special way. The disposition of the tables is also interesting, because the place reflects a tradition that simply is showy until the degree of which the space is constituted in a factor of quite particular integration. This has in it obvious counts those points that are determining: the entrance, the corners, the baths Innovar is a concept that is applying the Sultana so that to repeat in this site he is a true one to please. By all means that this has become after a deep revision of letters and of all the options that are been giving the restaurant during a certain time. Interesting.

In this sense, it is worth the pain to reflect immense the affability that knowledge produces that is the restaurantero premises that do not fear to the deep changes after to have proven a formula during as much time. And they have known that it to recognize many people who are sensible, very sensible, to these characteristics. It does not mean that Sultana has changed its philosophy on watch and of supplies totally. Simply it has been known to adapt to changes that are necessary during the process of development of any business that wants to evolve. Besides it, it has counted with truly showy ideas that they have done to him well. The correct modulation of prices, the times of delivery of each one of the plates after orders, one more a more careful dedication towards the public, extended schedules more, are only some of the keys that are surrounded in these changes. It has been a slow process, but surely. Also it deserves to stand out showy and the flattering thing that can be the name in himself. And it is that indeed it evokes an important person, and this restaurant certainly is it. For that reason, it is that the title also lets welcome very in its way to all the people who want to enjoy the food. So, it knows already it. Sultana in Madrid is a restaurant that has known to maintain itself and that it has managed to adjust little by little to new measures that nothing stops have affected its essence. They have known before it to reinforce, and without a doubt that this it is a great merit. Great Reference: