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The Detective

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After paying the bill, he got up and walked to the subway. When Geron opened his eyes, he saw sitting in front of a detective who waited patiently for his story. Rubbed his temples and rubbed his neck, Geron bent over the coffee table again and began to examine the photo. He wanted to look at the man in the hood. But he was not was! 'What the hell – he thought .- I remember how his pictures! Maybe Eddie does not give all the detective? " – Tell you all the pictures were taken from the lab? – Asked the journalist, looking at the detective. – Here's what's missing? – asked. – No, I just thought I had made more shots.

– It's all that relates to the carnival. But I took all the film and printed each frame. If you are interested in the other, they are here. With these words, he undid zipper on the folder and took out a few more photos. Heron began to look at them, but knew he could not find there a man in a hood. Inside it has all shrunk. The case began to take an unpleasant turn. If he now tells the detective about man that photographed, and is not in the film, he may decide that the Heron had hallucinations. Police officer must immediately report the case in "The Sixth management." A few minutes later come the guys are strong and the end. Office of the walls no one has ever returned! 'Witch Hunt' was a long time.