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Indeed, we read in the press (6to be able, 03 to the 10 of Julio 2011) of the technical spokesmen of the Democratic Unit that the fundamental preoccupation concentrates in as they are going to be processed the tracks, their transformation from a system to another one (Saime-Sagem to CNE-Cogent) or the delay that would be materialized more likely when by some technical circumstance the reader captahuella does not recognize a voter and must have a decision to see if he can or not to vote in a table. Also it is indicated that systems like these must be proven before, in a test implementation and by all means that the natural international experiences are due to study about this type of systems. It was to hope that each of these objections outside clearly been responsible for tie technicians to bureaucracy, indicating that the technician this solving because since we have aimed well, everything can be done with the technology and even more if the money prepared to it is had. Perhaps the unique and but important appreciation mentioned in the press on the part of the opposition factors is of political order it speaks and us of which the government wishes to frighten to the employees public, beneficiaries of the missions, pensioners, to promote the abstention, to which it responds the bureaucracy that what the government tries with that new technology is to have armored elections and I am transparent that they confer major to him trustworthiness and credibility to the electoral organism . Again, And that hoped that they said to them? That the CNE did not go a to be able to solve technical pendejada like a file conversion? That people were not going to be able to vote when one the machine captahuella did not recognize a voter? What the CNE with all the real ones of the world was not going to be able to do a technical trials manipulated to demonstrate that the system if it serves? What happens to them? After to read the press I feel terrified.