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"A wedding is more important than a common gift. Implicit in the desire of the person who makes that such a happy and lasting union .- You can see that only 20 years! She said her husband repeatedly shaking his head to one side. – You have your head full of dreams and believe that differences are achieved and understand skip like that! When the ideas are as firm as those with our respective parents, it is impossible to go into the reasoning of understanding and tolerance. Impossible! We see things differently because we have no ideas so refined as they are. We are more open, perhaps because our feelings are less strong or because we have more open-minded, maybe because of our age. Do not forget that things look different at different ages, "It's likely," agreed Tati.

Or simply because we're open for no reason or explanation. Think my brother, half brother or whatever you call it, would have been more tolerant of us and we would support. Or do you think we would not he understand? -. "I have no idea what you may think your brother because I do not. But I guess someone at a young age is accustomed to living in the horror of war on its own will as he does, having chosen this profession as terrible as that of being a war reporter, will be very open to accept and understand difficult situations. But I repeat, not knowing, I can not know that fact would have been on our side.