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Faced with this situation, is could be carried out a strategic partnership in the energy sector whose impact will have to be necessarily measured in environmental and social terms since the destruction of the Amazon would be the loss of the largest on the planet and, at the same time lung, the ruin for thousands of peasants that inhabit the jungle. Materialize this Alliance, both countries would be hogging the world market for biofuels at the expense of razing the reserve of oxygen under the pretext of producing world’s largest fuels that are more pleasant environment. By way of conclusion, we can mention that that United States has posed her eyes in the South, is mainly due to that it seeks to establish a way alliances that enable them to preserve their status quo as a hegemonic power to the length and breadth of the continent. Therefore, what is still the backyard of Washington, can get to become the Messiah that would save the energy crisis and the global decline that is experiencing so accelerated from the last decade, so Brazil does not already take the typical role of weak and dependent country as it emerges as a Latin American power smart and able to use this new role for their development by exploiting both its resources such as its geographic position. Time will determine the direction that will take the relations of these two countries, but recent events one thing is certain: despite past problems, the conditions of approach are becoming more equitable and suitable for both.