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In this document you will find 4 keys to make your SME marketing improvement, applying them will be more optimal and allows you to sell more. No matter what your plan or your business, if it is company or if it is self-contained, they are aspects to keep in mind always, and you can apply them nothing more finished reading. There are information and strategies that provide benefits and others not, for that reason, and with the intention of showing what always works, we offer 4 keys for your SME or your business as a self-employed should always take into account when making or actions of its marketing plan start-up. Always keep them in mind and your marketing will improve and it will allow you to sell more. 1 Diversify its media and marketing actions although all marketing action should be focused towards the same goal and be consistent with a single goal, the marketing reaches greater efficiency when using multiple means and actions. I.e. If your SME is a web business not focus only on promoting on-line, since it will only reach a portion of potential customers, also perform actions outside the network, not focus only on one type of promotion, as such ads in the magazine sector, coordinate with other media to promote themselves, brochures, conferences, etc. Remember, your marketing will be much more efficient if you have a common goal but different ways of acting to achieve more target audience.

2. Prepare with time and coordinate marketing in an SME campaigns often coincide with releases of new products or services, specific times, etc. it is essential that it is prepared with time and coordinated with those pitches. Although it seems a leftover Council cannot even imagine the times that a campaign has been launched without being prepared product or vice versa. Equally campaigns quickly and running give rise to very limited results.