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Unshared joy is a candle without PIN.Proverb, Spanish is has said, that to the be attentive and not neglecting what the environment in where us copes bequeathed us, we can find lessons that can help us to grow, move forward while we we journey by this dimension, find tools, lights that can help us towards our spiritual transformation, transcend as some emphasize the ordinary relidad and lift us into the realm of the unlimited and attain the lovethe realization and the fullness. It corresponds to each activate our divine potential that has been given us, be proactive in all things that help us grow, namely the opportunity of life that is given to us. In this opportunity, we contributed some thoughts that other hikers have left us to move us into the Alchemy of transforming our weaknesses into strengths, see take advantage of our life time granted and learn from our experience, that learning that can help other transeutes to wake up, get motivated, keep his candle lit by where you must walk.

Contributions pride can infiltrate into our life very easily, and from time to time, it is good that ‘go down one smoke. We need to remember that we must not have a concept of us higher than the due is easy to be proud when we stayed in our own circles of life. But when we throw in larger, with greater demands, pressures and competition situations, we impact us to realize that large of small lagoons fish shrink quickly in a big ocean. We have all spent many days or weeks, without receiving any gesture of love of neighbor.These are difficult moments, when body heat is gone, and life is reducea an arduous effort to survive.In those moments in which the ajenono fire gives heat to our soul, we must review our own home.We need to add more charcoal and try to illuminate the room oscuraen that our life was transformed.When we hear that our fire crackles, wood creaks that embers glow or stories that the flames have, hope it will be returned.If we are able to love, we will also be able to be loved.It is nothing more than matter of time Paulo Coelho but do not write books, you are the writer of your life.If you’re not Miguel angel, you can make your life a masterpiece.Even if you don’t understand film, or cameras, your existence can transform into a beautiful film with producer God.Even though you sing de-tuned, your existence can be a beautiful song that any famous composer envy.

Even if you don’t understand music, your life can be a magnificent Symphony that would respect the classics.Although you have not studied in a school of communications your life can transform into a model report.Even if you don’t have great culture you can cultivate the wisdom of charity.Even if your work is humble, you can convert your day in prayer.Even if you have forty, fifty, sixty or seventy years, you can be young spirit.Although wrinkles already set your face, your inner beauty is it worth more.Although your feet bleed on the trip and stones in the path, your face may smile.Although your hands to retain the scars of the problems and the misunderstandings, your lips can thank.Although bitter tears up through your face, you have a heart to love.Even if you don’t understand it, in heaven you have reserved a place.Everything, everything depends on your confidence in God and your efforts to be worthy of his son.It projects your life from the inside, will be the miracle! Gives you time to work, is the price of success gives you time to think, is the origin of the poderDate time to love and be loved, is the privilege of the gods gives you time to play, is the secret of eternal youth gives you time to read, is the foundation of wisdom gives you time to dream, is as hook your car a star gives you time to make friends, is the way to happiness gives you time to look to your around, the day is too short to be selfish gives you time to laugh, is the music of the soul remember of what buenoCuando the sky is gray: remember when getting dressed deeply blue.When you feel cold: think of a radiant Sun that already you have heated.When suffer a defeat: remember your triumphs and your achievements.

When you need love: relive your experiences of affection and tenderness.Remember what you’ve experienced and what they’ve found Alegriarecuerda gifts that have done you, the kisses you have given, the landscapes that you’ve enjoyed and the laughter that you have emanated.If this has tenidoLo can return to tenery what you’ve accomplished, you can win again it.Rejoice for the good that you have and by the others; discards the sad and painful memories, you do not hurt you more.Think good, what kind, beautiful and in truth.Runs your life and stop where there are beautiful memories and emotions healthy and live them again.He displayed that evening that you touched.Relive that spontaneous caress than are you dioDisfruta again of the peace that you’ve already known, thinks and lives the good.


Small Businesses

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When everyone thought that social networks were already established, not to be behind Google launches its Buzz service to again revolutionize the market. It has the advantage of being integrated with Gmail, which means that it has a large potential audience of millions of people. If we take what we can improve radically our business. All who are very assiduous social networks will not have any problem in using Buzz that integrates Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare growing service functions. But there are some details that make it unique to Google Buzz and why you can not miss the opportunity to use it. (1) Collect the Feedback of customers: as Twitter, Buzz allows you to leave a message for our fans who subscribe to our updates. But there are some differences with regard to the messages.

Messages can be more than 140 characters including photos and links, while all messages are grouped together with the original message. Another important feature of the service also allows us to reply to messages in a manner direct either via mail or Google Talk. (2) Collaborate with others: for those who use gmail to communicate with other people, Google Buzz allows to create us a community with our contacts. If we follow people can clikear where it says Buzz so let’s see your updates. We can comment or follow them through chats or messages. (3) Collaboration: Buzz can be used to convey a message to all our followers and select groups of them. If ustede already had armed groups in Gmail you can use them to Buzz also.

If they have no vested groups they won’t have Poblem to create new. Post a message private in Google Buzz has the same mechanism that publish a public one, only have the group that you want to seleecionar this available to see and then automatically people of that group will be able to comment on. (4) Marketing: Is very premature to say if Buzz is going to have an impact on the so-called brick-and-mortar business, mas alla that buzz has a structure similar to business business as Yelp or Foursquare. Gratify our customers to click on Buzz can be a way to make marketing of mouth to mouth toward our business. (5) Sharing content: In the same way as Twitter and Facebook, Buzz offers us the possibility of sharing content. We can use this tool to share our blog articles, special agreements or interesting links related to our niche market. MAS alla that Google Buzz has been beneficial for some businesses, in reality was created thinking not specifically for businesses. Google Buzz will be viable for businesses when Google starts to build and offer a specific business application. MAS alla that google is already working on the creation of a specific application for business, we have to begin to familiarize us with the Google Buzz features and enhance the relations with our contacts.