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Business Process Management

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All misfortune is a lesson the company in the current scenarios as well as having the necessary resources is in the human, technical, financial, must be guaranteed a good management that cares about ensuring a good process management that allows you to compete without problems in scenarios where acts. The Venezuelan reality, which concerns the industrial sector of SMEs, in the present, especially leaves a lot to say in various aspects, ranging from the absence of a good management strategist, visionary, able to give way to plans that favor him, as well as the lack of a proper technology that you of the opportunity to compete, in addition to neglect that has been made to the management of processeswhich to many has hurt it in the achievement of their goals. To do this, since then is added, the present political reality facing the country where the current Government, under Lieutenant – Colonel Hugo Chavez pr4esidencia has given way to uncertainty, risk and that many companies close or simply your productivity leaves much to say. In this opportunity, we concentrate on everything related to process management, aspect that can not neglect, for this purpose, some views that allow the reader to something are exposed and to all those interested in these topics in order to consider the relevance, importance of everything that encloses process management. A process is an ordered sequence of repetitive activities whose product has intrinsic value for a user or customer. This definition allows to speak about different levels of processes, which vary according to the size of the organization.

It reminds us of dinero.com.ve, that the operative processes combine and transform resources to obtain the product or provide the service in accordance with the customer’s requirements, providing high added value. These processes are also the primary responsibility for achieving the objectives of the company. There are several types of processes.