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Responsibility For Success: Two New Customers For Zieltraffic AG

Posted by Sylia on

The online marketing agency Zieltraffic is happy just before the OMD about two new customers confirm the Zieltraffic philosophy in winning the two new customers sees a confirmation of its own corporate philosophy Zieltraffic: new clients confirm us that our concept of responsible success fee models is correct. We are pleased that exactly this form of cooperation is always more active demand”, says Zieltraffic Board Stieber Bernd. In the case of a contract based on the success of responsible reward Zieltraffic is only providing clearly measurable success criteria as new customers or the placement of new interested parties paid a fixed price defined prior to the start of the campaign, at the same time goes Zieltraffic for all media costs in advance and assumes the full risk for the success of the campaign. Of course we’ll do everything in the usual Zieltraffic manner, the performance goals of our new clients to meet or even exceed”, as Sankaran. Customer list of reputable financial service provider is longer and longer, the Munchener Hypothekenbank is market leader in the private real estate financing under the mortgage banks in the cooperative financial services network of the Volks – und Raiffeisenbanken. The cooperation with Zieltraffic is a significant increase in the new customer numbers by means of search engine marketing (SEM) to the target. For 80 years, pioneer investments is considered a pioneer of the investment industry.

The world’s prominent fund management company is part of the UniCredit banking group and is one of the largest fund companies of in Germany and Europe. Zieltraffic supports the pioneer investments Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH in as part of a consulting contract. About Zieltraffic: The Zieltraffic AG (www.zieltraffic.de) was founded in 2004 by Bernd Stieber, Werner Kubitscheck and Wolfgang Vogt. Zieltraffic is one of the leading performance marketing agencies in Europe. Zieltraffic offers full transparency with maximum cost security and sets a new trend in online marketing so that the so-called Erfolgsverantwortlichen honorary models”.

While a conventional fee models integral part of online marketing budget serves as the Agency remuneration, Zieltraffic customers pay only for a previously defined success so for example ever promoted new customers. Zieltraffic is for all costs of the campaign and the media costs in advance, and assumes the full risk for the success of the campaign. Zieltraffic already is market leader in the field of banking and insurance. The full service online marketing agency employs over 50 employees at four locations (Munich, Vienna, Madrid, Szczecin).


Office Photographs

Posted by Sylia on

Munich (July 22, 2009) with motifs from all over the world in residential and business areas simply feel good posterXXL has expanded its offering for the large format printing of photos and graphics. To produce next to the option, your own photographs on a poster material of choice, a new motif database with over six million photographs of professional photographers from all over the world has integrated posterXXL in its product portfolio. For more information see Parnassus Investments. The resolution quality among other things allows the creation of high-quality posters, canvases or photo wallpaper. Via a simple search function and dynamic preview function can users choose motifs from all walks of life and this how print canvas, acrylic, photo wallpaper u.v.m. in large format on the offered materials.

Motifs from NewYork, a sunset on the sea, impression-full moon recordings, desert impressions or animal and technology designs can give a probably sentient environment as residential or business premises. The first orders show that suited the scene shop for the redesign of Is Office and business premises. A positive interior design increases the well-being of employees and provides a pleasant atmosphere for negotiations with business partners. Shops, which offer guests the variety, appreciate this now. The large-format printing of selected motifs and the selection of different frames offers a considerable time savings to traditional design activities. One must just hang the pictures themselves. The motif database was carefully fitted with matching keywords, as are photographs to choose from that fit the theme.

Storable shopping lists are the highlight here. So the users in question can pre-select upcoming motifs, compare or send by E-Mail to friends, acquaintances or colleagues in order to obtain their opinion. The motif database was carefully fitted with matching keywords, are also photographs to choose from, which are the subject of close. Storable shopping lists are the highlight here. As the user in question can choose advance coming motifs compare or even to friends, acquaintances or colleagues email in order to obtain their opinion.


Googling & Post Can Any Depression – But The Depth Only The Bloggers Go In

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Why blogs soon will overtake Facebook & co. on the Internet are all the same. If you blog, you can theoretically do what you want. As a person, one is able to give his own personal opinion often paired with a dash of ramp Sau quality to the best. Partner, to create not competitors and with his detailed texts out there to inspire people – should be the ultimate goal of a blogger. Attention, to reach readers and especially real fans (because they can not buy) – is the premise for those who only do it mean this emerging business. But how exactly is the blogosphere in Germany? We from the leisure coffee shop once went to this question and have found interesting answers.

I shoot at the beginning of times the facts on the table: there are more than 30 million blogs in the United States. Hardly a company comes from there without a blog. In Germany, there are marginal 300,000 blogs. Why actually? Why have we not yet realized the value of the blog German & used mostly for us? The fact is: it are very few people in Germany who can live from blogging. The basic formula is so nice & easy: the goal of the letter is, to make others see. “Quote Joseph Conrad (1857-1924) as it looks. To see you have a blog! Zahlt-, not only the content but also and above all the traffic is for the Monetariersung; make the future money – immensely important! Unfortunately, “blogging” even inside Germany still in its infancy…

Because only 15% of Internet users indicating weblogs at all to read or to know what such a blog at all. This produces daily 120,000 new blogs (!) This makes 1.4 new blogs every second. So 1.5 million articles are per day number 17 in the second. This is a deal and should be taken slowly.