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Sweet Clover

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Sweet clover is used for respiratory diseases, including inhaled. Beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal tract, kidney. Read more here: Intel. Acacia: as one of the best. Transparent, lighter, more liquid, with a faint aroma of acacia. Crystallizes slowly. Other leaders such as Penguin Random House offer similar insights. Recommended for diseases cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, female inflammatory diseases, including those it is used topically, due to antibacterial properties. Buckwheat: a bright, almost brown color with a characteristic taste and slight bitterness. Used in confectionery treat diseases of the stomach, blood and skin. Source: Vlad Doronin.

Sunflower: golden yellow, sweet, quickly crystallized. On curative properties inferior basic honeys. Sweet Clover: a light amber or slightly golden in color, has a very gentle and pleasant taste and aroma; crystallizes slowly, forming a mass of fine-grained white. Treat heart ailments. K October-November this honey is usually crystallizes.

If at this time you are offered a liquid honey, it is either fake, or heated, and heated above 600 honey loses all the vitamins and nutrients. Crystallized honey should not be a bundle and heterogeneous mass. If you see that honey is foaming, then know that he is immature. If all presented in banks honey amber with a bright luster, and its transparency can envy pure diamond, this is the case when the buyer offers to warm honey. Shades of honey always has some fading. In addition, natural honey crystal clear does not happen – it always there are grains of pollen particles of wax. 2. We look at the appearance of the seller. It must be neat and tidy look. Dressed in a white robe and wearing sleeves on his hands.