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Grand Master

Posted by Sylia on

You will surely meet a great teacher, who inspired and helped many businessmen and executives than with time they achieved success. And if they reached the success it was only because for them the security were in themselves. This great master was Dr. Wayne.W. Dyer.

Him, for you rescue this small paragraph where talks about security, and reads as follows: safety means knowing what going to happen. Security means no risks, no excitations, nothing challenges. Security means no growth and no growth means death. But if there is a type of security that is worthwhile to search; It is internal security that gives you have self-confidence in your ability to solve any problem that you presented. This is the only lasting security, unique and real security. As you’ve seen Grand Master he had it very clear.

We must also be clear that those people who interfere in our lives and influence our decisions, only do so, because we allow them to do so. But your’re enterprising ex officio surely not you win them the point and when you should take your decision does not leave you influence. I have for you something but I think it is important that you read. This time is someone contemporary to us who operates in the area of excellence leadership, international coaching, an expert consecrated with over 38 books published. It is the Mexican Miguel Angel Cornejo and reads as follows: the be MEDIOCRE and the be excellent the mediocre loves his bed as himself. The mediocre born tired and lives to rest. The mediocre rest day so that you can sleep at night. If the mediocre sees someone resting, immediately supports and helps him. The mediocre knows that if you are in conflict the feast and drinks with work, it is willing to abandon the work. To whom is mediocre work is sacred, why does not touch it.