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Juan Manuel

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That acuity of strategy, sending them to a certain death, if Batista, holds only a little bit more and fight, for sure these two columns would be battered but broken. And that I was very sure, if there is one sufficient margin of guarantee of defeat, just to take the glory, he and his brother, they were the commanders of those columns. Between 1 and 5 years after the revolutionary triumph, it created the conditions for they disappeared, and so was, or not? Abel as Deputy Chief of the movement, knew the plan of the attack on the barracks, shoot with colleagues under his command, directing the Moncada load for another flank, so Fidel and his companions could penetrate, but it was not. She was unaware that Fidel nor attempt to enter the barracks Moncada. On the landing of the Granma, I remove the second head of the Nico Lopez expedition of your small group and term discovered and killed in the first days of the landings by las Coloradas. Nike understands that this is vital information. That was only the second head of the movement, Juan Manuel Marquez, after the landing and dispersal of pious joy, Juan Manuel, stayed single.

He toured the contours for days, sick, exhausted he was discovered, tortured and killed. We cannot think as some confirmed, it was a trap of Fidel who prepare to colleagues who could make shadow at each of the stages, over and over again. What they cannot deny is that the positions in each of the events took, was never risk. They have always existed variants if something happened. Fortuitous journey of the BBS, an heir who is faced, mistake of a group of attackers, who were where did not have to do so (because it occurred to Fidel, put weapons and group of reinforcement in the carts managed by habaneros who does not know Santiago de Cuba), comrades who blew by others, if entered, someone who interceded in his favour when they captured a few miles from the place of assault, hours later, etc. It is as if someone pulled it the lottery 10 or 12 times in hours. He knew and knows how to swim and storing clothes.

Records corroborate these criteria, let us remember what we discussed in an article: in the 45 years the pistolerismo inside and outside the University of cuba. (Fidel was desperate to get into any group, the strongest were MSR (Revolutionary Socialist Movement), directed by Manolo Castro and Masferrer, the other group the UIR) insurrectional Revolutionary Union) directed by Emilio Tro, Vidal Morales and Billike, that I knew personally. Fidel wanted to be part of the MSR group and to achieve this they asked that show your actual disposition and you would have to kill a student named Leonel Gomez. He shot him in the back wounding him. Fidel did not know that this student was a friend of the heads of the UIR.Fidel was captured and hamstrung took him where Leonel and was identified. I kneel and asked forgiveness, in less than a few hours made a 180 degree turn and became a member of the UIR.