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Posted by Sylia on

Arriving the dark night, not more than my thoughts, vi the reality of that pride to my front. Yes! That one exactly pride that I spoke to you, raw naked and without masks and I perceived that really my place was not to its side, since my love for me was greater that it. Thus, I passed the night to think I decided that the desconcentrao was optimum business at this moment, I entered in the Internet with the simple intention to find people who I eat looked escape in interpretation games, where could be who I I wanted to be, perhaps a warrior without fear of what she can happen, different of me that she was completely lost in my shady thoughts, thus, was prezado reading that I found the sun that lacked in my completely dark days. The light that radiated of it on me was intense and aconchegante, and most interesting it is that it obtained to be close exactly being so far, obtained to supply my illusions of a perpetual love, exactly being one astro unknown.Not, not, it was known, seemed that it are done to illuminate pra me, seemed that without it I would be an extinguished moon with the time in a perpetual blackout, then it was the sun that illuminated this moon to making to shine intensely every day. thus, the time passed, but I continue shining in front of this sun, makes some weeks of this happened, expensive reader, but for me it makes look like to be years. Ahhh! pride, yes the pride, perceives as the time is the father of the life, it leaves arranging, everything what it passed and showing our learnings, today the pride perceived all badly that it made and that auto it if destroys, but now is late, therefore the sun who lacked in my life appeared and continues illuminating all my days in form of the joy to continue living..