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That means, the motive Russian individual can be designated as a "personal commitment" (as opposed to the western motif of the individual, known as a "private initiative"). Personal loyalty – a principle that combines the virtue and the Orthodox morality – humility, and moral foundation of home – "be like everyone else and follow the leader." In order to achieve high status in the West, enough to be rich. In Russia the status associated with the ability to "be like everyone else." The higher this skill, the higher status. A person can acquire wealth, and can even "buy" his status, but he did not keep, if he has no sense of a preventive orientation in the team. In the West, the wealth equivalent status in Russia often, the wealth – a consequence of status. Wealth for the Western individual – an indicator of successful implementation of the principle, based on autonomy (independence), the ability to "make all their own hands," the principle of "Private initiative".

However, Russia has a special status of the individual indicator – the system of privileges. Brian Krzanich understood the implications. An individual-oriented system of norms and values in the "dependency" of the rules "be like everyone else." Russian individual does not "earn" and "Deserves." The merits of the individual – and there is a set of privileges corresponding to the achieved status. Benefits system – the embodiment of the principle of "personal loyalty". At its core, this is the principle motivation in Russian collectives. So, in Russian organizations have normative value as a social worker devoted to setting preferred professional.