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French State

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His brother Paul also moved a finger to help her. Mother and son not acceded to it to visit or to which maintained correspondence with anyone. In 1917 died Rodin, a nail more on his coffin. It is not known whether he wanted to or not to attend his funeral, but the truth is that came out of the institution. On 19 October 1943, alone, in total neglect, forgotten by all, and with the majority of his works destroyed by his own despair died at the sanatorio de Montdeverguer (moved it there in 1914).

He wrote: I have not done everything that I’ve done to end my life in a sanitarium, he deserved something more. If the last years of his life were tragic, his burial was working on the Colophon. Or his own brother (diplomat, playwright and poet) attended the funeral. It was buried in a grave without a name, so only an inscription: 1943 No. 392.

But the spirit of Camille revoloteaba in the Parisian atmosphere. The death of Paul Claudel in 1955 lifted the veto which had been in the family about Camille Cludel and their descendants wanted to give a dignified burial. They were in contact with the leaders of Montdeverguer to claim the remains. The institution replied that had been disposing of the casket, placed in a small cemetery, because they needed the space for an expansion of the hospital. Oblivion, death and, sadly, disappearance. The first creations of Claudel are marked by the influence of his mentor, Rodin, although with a personal and feminine touch. But then frontally oppose him. Auguste Rodin is soon praised and, conversely, Camille, will be plunged into oblivion not only the own Rodin but his family and stuck in a hell that will take you to retire in life. Camille exhibited regularly and in 1895 received an official commissioned by the French State.