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one more time we go to notice that our cities are not structuralized to take care of to all the population demand one more time that consequently increase gradual attracted by the enterprise. CARATERISTICAS OF the CITIES OF the TRANSAMAZONICA While the Southeast and south of the Country had given alavancada in the urbanization and a construction of housings, the cities of the transamaznica still are in initial phase. Although the accomplishment you discuss of them of the cities in our cities, the implementation of the laws had not been fulfilled. The advice had not had force in giving continuity in the quarrels. In the year of 2010 with the elaboration of the Local Plans of Habitation of Social Interest we perceive how much our cities in fact are delayed in this process. While many cities have access resources of the Federal government for the improvement of the cities, the cities of the Transamaznica are very far from the standards demanded next to the ministry of the cities to start for the law biggest that conducts all the laws of organization of a City, recently are that he was definitive the obligatoriness of the elaboration and execution of the Managing Plans for cities with less than 30 A thousand inhabitants. In the done diagnosis of the habitacionais lacks of four cities of the region: Senator Jose Porfrio, Anapu and New Brazil was detected that: Low administrative capacity: The cities do not possess no department specify to deal with the habitation and urbanization of the cities, do not have technician specific as engineer, architect. The laws of the urban Perimeter are not respected, the IPTU are not applied in efficient way, little collection Cities do not take care of to all the demand to them of the city. A time that is cities where the majority of the population survives of the Stock market family, and some give services.